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About Us

PT Pasadena Metric Indonesia (PMI) is a non-ferrous hazardous waste operator with the capacity of 6.000 tonnes per year.

Our Service

Buyers and Processor Waste or material processed through washing and drying process. The raw material resulted from the industry such as sorbitol, oleochemical, petrochemical, oil refining, electroplating, etc.

Vision & Mission

VisionPT Pasadena Metric Indonesia is an Indonesian-based center for the usage and management of spent catalysts and hazardous and toxic wastes containing metal components Mission To become a successful profit-oriented industry in the use of metal-based waste in order to develop sustainable further usage. To become a proud industry in the use of waste, particularly that of metal-based hazardous and toxic wastes.

Our Fleet

To ensure the production keeps running, we were backed-up by a fleet of transportation. These trucks will deliver raw material safely and within time schedule from its location to our facility, and to deliver our product to the buyer.

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